Why Do People Think Email Marketing Is a Good Idea?

If you’re investing time and money in digital marketing for your business, you might have heard about how email marketing can serve your business. Email marketing is commonly regarded as one of the most effective tools for promoting your brand to potential customers, even outperforming other strategies such as social media. Email marketing campaign services exist for a reason, after all.

If you’re new to digital marketing, you’re probably shaking your head in disbelief. How can this generation still be into email? Marketers know email is not only alive, but still ever so relevant, easy to use, inexpensive, and most importantly, effective. Here are reasons to invest in creating an email marketing campaign.

1. Email Is Not Restrictive

We’re past the phase of Facebook giving business owners and advertisers a chance to promote their brands, only to take it back after several privacy issues and algorithm changes. Luckily for marketers, Facebook paves one way of advertising online, but it’s not the only possible, or even best, method.

This is where email shines. You don’t have to worry about any algorithm changes that could reroute your entire marketing strategy. In fact, you don’t even have to worry about your audience disappearing or moving to the next best platform.

Your email list is still a list of people who want to hear from your company. Even if they choose to unsubscribe, emails boast a 20 per cent open rate-that’s higher than a Facebook metric equivalent, “people talking about this”, which stands at 5 per cent.

2. Email Stands the Test of Time… Better Than Social Media

Social media is fast-paced, which means your posts easily become old news in the span of, give or take, two days. Emails can last longer than two days, because people don’t get emails as fast as they consume social media updates, and with that, your emails won’t be phased out as easily.

3. Email Marketing Is Easy to Integrate With Other Digital Marketing Strategies

With emails, you can easily embed your social media accounts or website. You can even encourage your recipients to follow your account on social media through your email newsletter, and even regularly remind them to check your new blog posts.

4. Sending Emails Will Help Retain Your Customers

Sending emails regularly can increase the chances your existing customers buying from your brand again. In fact, not all your emails have to be sales pitches; emails can actually be a way for you to pitch your brand personality and values, and even encourage engagement with interactive content.

A great example: Glossier, a US-based skincare brand, sends their subscribers emails with random content, like a photo of a baby goat to greet their customers a “good day”. Not only is it a great display of brand personality, but a great way to nudge your customers every now and then to remind them of your business.

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Your first few attempts may not be as successful, but with persistent efforts, your return on investment will skyrocket. Should you need any help with your marketing campaign, there are several email marketing campaign services ready to assist you, and they’re usually just one email away.

Email Marketing Tips That Work

The truth? Email marketing still is incredibly popular today, and may just be the strongest possible online marketing strategy for any business. Depending on 2018 figures, email marketing continues to rank as the fourth most powerful marketing channel, behind search engine optimization, social media, and affiliate programs. These four marketing channels combined account for almost 60% of the content indexed by search engines each month. When used correctly, email marketing can easily meet and exceed the SEO results you’re looking for.

Before delving into the email marketing software that will best suit your company’s needs, you first need to define your goals. What do you want to achieve from email marketing? Do you simply want to send new prospects your company’s promotional message or are you seeking to build long-term relationships with current and future clients? Do you need a response straight away or do you like to keep your audience interested in a more subtle approach? Any of these strategies can be met through email marketing, so it’s important to consider which approach will best serve your goals.

For those on the hunt for immediate responses, email marketing software such as Roboform’s Aweber could provide a solid solution for immediate follow-ups. Email campaigns generally require follow-up on a very regular basis – at least once a week, but preferably daily. Roboform Aweber includes support for a wide range of email formats and auto-responders, including Aweber, Send Later, and ParetLogic. Autoresponders work as a one-stop solution to sending email messages to potential clients, including information about the company, product, or service being sold. While it’s possible to incorporate Aweber’s live chat function into an email marketing campaign, it may not be the best way to reach clients, since those in need of immediate information might not be ready to talk right away.

GetResponse is another extremely easy way to send email messages to potential customers. Users familiar with popular email marketing software will be familiar with this program – GetResponse is often used by many small businesses to send out promotional emails that will bring in new leads, as well as keep older ones interested. This software has been around for a while, so there are plenty of options available to help get rid of that inevitable email marketing plateau. One of the best ways to use GetResponse is to incorporate it into a squeeze page that will be sent out after a lead sign-up occurs. A form for collecting the person’s name and email address goes into the body of the email, so all that’s left for the customer to do is to confirm their registration with a simple click of the “submit” button.

The three most popular email marketing platforms all offer some version of a built-in autoresponder, whether for free or for a nominal monthly fee. WordPress is one of the more popular, as its user-friendly interface makes it easy for even a beginner to manage. For less than $5, you can install a WordPress blog and turn it into an effective sales tool. Since WordPress can be used for virtually anything, from simple informational pages to powerful advertising campaigns, it appeals to both businesses looking to stay on top of their competition, as well as individual sellers who need to impress potential buyers. WordPress email marketing services can make your life much easier by helping you take the best of traditional email marketing and turning it into an even more effective online marketing solution.

Another popular email marketing strategy these days is using email newsletters as a digital marketing strategy. Newsletters are perfect because they’re both convenient and effective. They don’t have to be broadcast to everyone on your list, which eliminates the possibility of them being overlooked. Newsletters can be sent directly to opt-in email addresses or websites, which means you’ll have an easier time selling to people who aren’t on your list. Because newsletters are also easy to personalize, you can personalize them to fit the interests of the recipient, ensuring that the messages will help them take action.

When using email marketing tools such as OptinMonster or a similar builder, the idea is to create as many accounts as possible to increase your conversion rate. OptinMonster can help you by giving you several different options for the name, description, signature, and link to your website. You can use the OptinMonster builder to create an unlimited number of email marketing campaigns for very little cost. With WordPress, you can easily personalize these optin forms to ensure that people who sign up for them to know where they’re going and what they’re signing up for.

Another way to effectively incorporate email marketing through your autoresponder series is by using the Convertkit software. Convertkit is not only inexpensive, but it comes with thousands of pre-designed messages that are tailored specifically for every subscriber. This means that you can design separate messages for different categories of your subscribers, ensuring that each group of subscribers has something different to read and respond to. Once you have your list of subscribers, you can use the Convertkit software to help you send out emails at scheduled intervals or automatically based on when your subscribers have read their last message.

Marketing via email is a great tool for selling your product or service, only should you keep sales at heart. Your emails should help make your readers are interested to buy your products. Accomplish this by creating emails offering product information – old and new – along with facts about discount rates. Tend not to send email to anyone who has not given you permission to do so.

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