Permission Email Marketing – How to Prepopulate CPA Offers With Aweber

This article is going to discuss an easy strategy to create a profit while at the same time creating a huge list of subsribers using permission email marketing with Aweber.

The basic strategy is to create a niche squeeze page as we did in previous courses then we will insert the Aweber form that will redirect the subscriber to a prepopulated CPA offer.

It looks like this:

Visitor > Fills in Aweber Form > gets redirected to prepopulated CPA form > clicks continue = $$$ plus a potential new subscriber.

Permission email marketing simply means that once the user enters their email into my Aweber form, they will have to check their email to confirm they want to subsribe to my list. This prevents a lot of hassle down the road once we have build a huge list of milllions. For example, there will much less SPAM complaints as long as I offer my list what I promised.

Now, the way I profit is by setting up the form on my landing page to redirect to CPA ‘e-mail submit’ offer and prepopulate it with the person’s email so they do not have to re-enter their email, they only have to click continue and I get paid.

I checked with my affiliate managers and asked for a list of good email submit offers that allow prepop and got the code from them to put into the Aweber form. It’s simple, and the example I will use will be the Neverblue offer for a free $500 gift card from Walmart.

Step 1:

Set up the list details and then create the form on your Aweber account.

Step 2:

In the form settings change the “thank you page” to a custom page, then enter the affiliate link to the offer plus you have to add some code to the end of it. The code will differ for most networks, and offers so you may have to contact your affiliate manager to get the instructions. Here is the url I use to use Aweber to prepop my neverblue offer:

http ://www.[affiliatelink].com&email={!email}

&email= is the Neverblue part of the code and the {!email} is the part telling Aweber to insert the email address into that url. So now when the user fills in their e-mail on my squeeze page they will click confirm and the thank you page will be a Neverblue offer for a free $500 gift card that all the user has to do is click continue, since their email is already put into the form, and I will get paid.

Email submits are usually paying about $1 but the thing is though, you can create your Aweber form to collect whatever information you want. So if you have a CPA lead offer that requires name, email & address you can simply use the same strategy to prepopulate that offer which will probably create more profit.

All you will need to do is add the proper code to the end of the affiliate url and put it into the custom thank you page field on your Aweber form settings.

Getting People To Subscribe to the Permission Email Marketing

The permission email marketing component of this strategy is where it gets tricky. You have to design your landing page to entice the person not only to continue on to get the free gift card but to also check their email to confirm they want to subscribe. How do you do that?

Well this takes a lot of testing but here is a basic strategy…

Your landing page should offer the user something very enticing for free that they will get in their email inbox. That should be the main focus of your landing page. Then your secondary enticing offer will be the free $500 gift card. This will definitely require testing depending on your offer but you could say something like:

Get a Free (Something) By Entering Your Proper Email Below So We Can Send It To You Now

“If You Enter Your Email Today You Will Also Get Access to a Bonus $500 Gift Card From Walmart!”

Simply Enter Your Email Below, Click continue on the next page to access the $500 gift card, then check your email for your free (something).

Well hopefully this helps define what prepop can do for you, and when used with permission email marketing this strategy can generate a profit, while building an extremely more valuable list of subscribers!

The next course is going to talk about how to drive thousands of visitors your landing page using free and paid traffic and how to get extremely cheap traffic that will sign up to your list…

Why Does Bulk Email Marketing Work?

Promoting your website its not an easy task. Online marketing changes constantly, but one thing that will never change its bulk email marketing. Search engine submission has turned into a science rather than a simplified way of advertising. Pay per click is very expensive and very competitive -and don’t get me going about “click fraud”-I’ll never stop yapping! But like I said, bulk email marketing will never run its course. Massive campaigns work … you just got to know what you’re doing. Let me give you some free pointers:

1. You need a good list. Watch our for scams and old outdated list. You have to make sure email lists don’t have .gov and .org. This is a sure way to shut you down fast. Be patient and smart and you’ll make a whole bunch of money. See below for a good email list.

2. Never use your internet service provider to send mass mailings (that’s basic). You don’t want to get banned from internet service. Get a bulk email software that becomes its own ISP server. You get them anywhere on the internet. My favorite is Mass mailer and Fxstyle’s bulk emailer.

3. Never spam. Don’t force people to buy your stuff. Give away free stuff or free information. This gains trust and you’ll be able to sell them your product or idea in the long run.

4. Bulk email works. Stay within the law. Get rid of those unsubscribers from your list. You want buyers anyway. Who needs them.

5. Be patient. I have made in one mailing several thousands of dollars and I have never had a complaint.

And why does bulk email marketing work? People are buyers. They are naturally curious. No matter how much they hate being bombarded with offers. One thing is for sure, people just love products and information. Everyone wants the new gimmick. Give them your trust and they’ll make you rich!

Jesse Castaneda, Jr. is a fiction/nonfiction author. He owns a bail bond company and Mivisio Concepts (online products and marketing sales). He is an expert of email marketing and online business. Jesse Castaneda, Jr. is also the author of the fictional book “Cringe”, a supernatural thriller.

You want hungry buyers? Head over to: [] bulk email list. This list is updated regularly and most of these people have agreed to be contacted for offers.

But remember, everyone is a consumer. Think this way and you’ll never be broke again.

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