Insurance Agency Email Marketing and Preview Text

Insurance agency owners, principals and marketers should be taking advantage of preview text for all their email campaigns. If you are unfamiliar with preview text and its role with insurance email marketing campaigns, read on:

What is preview text?

It is the text snippet below (or next to) an email subject line in the email client inbox. It provides additional detail into the subject matter of the email and improves the look and feel of the delivered email, which translates into the overall professionalism of the message and campaign. Correct use of preview text prevents garbled or unrecognizable text under your email subject line.

Who uses it?

All major email clients now support this feature, including Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail. Gmail refers to this as Snippets, Apple Mail calls it a preview, and in Outlook it’s a Message Preview.

What happens when you don’t use it correctly?

As show below, the preview text is pulling an image name as opposed to information that would be helpful to the reader, thus impacting campaign professionalism and expertise. Graphically rich emails, or emails that begin with an image often cause problems.


  • Incorrect Text Example: //img.rt2546?ca.98239841349230491=999
  • Proper Text Example: New Webinar Available on Industry Compliance

Insurance agency marketers should review each message, especially with graphically rich emails, to ensure their preview text is correct. Considering the challenge in getting your email delivered, getting past spam filters, and preventing bulk email labeling or Boolean poisoning issues with your message, it’s important to make sure all your email campaigns are using preview text properly. 

Additional tips

Here are a few additional tips to help you. It’s best to customize the preview text to compliment the subject line, as opposed to repeating the subject line. For example, let’s say your subject line is:


  • Webinar – Industry Compliance Rules, Regulations & Recent Changes

Don’t repeat the subject line. Compliment your subject line with different, relevant, and helpful detail. For example:

  • Join us tomorrow for this important webinar

Also, insurance agency marketers should try to keep your text short and to the point. Though email client views can vary dramatically, try to keep your text between 35-40 characters. This should allow all or most of your recipients to read it in its entirety. Longer text will truncate, just as a long subject line can do when viewed by your prospects and clients. That said, for more complicated messages, you can use more characters, but try to make sure the essence of your message is contained within the first 40 characters. Your mantra should be short, succinct, and impactful.

Targeted Opt In Direct Email Marketing – What’s In It For Me

Targeted opt in direct email marketing is a truly popular area online today, and the question begs to be asked, what’s in it for me? With targeted opt in direct email, it is everything the phrase indicates – it is targeted, in the sense that emails are only sent to individuals that have expressed an interest in the particular subject matter, for example, a niche marketing topic.

Targeted direct opt in direct email marketing is also opt in, meaning that only individuals who have opted in, or chosen to be on your list, are on the direct email list, and it is direct in the sense that it goes to the individual directly, and there is a direct opportunity to make a sale with every email sent?

But the question still is, what is in it for me? Some experts tell us that we can earn between 50 cents and $1 for each subscriber that is on our list, on a monthly basis. Some of us make much more than that, so that number must just be an average or estimate of some sort.

But the bottom line is, if you are patient in setting up your email campaign and building your list, target opt in direct email marketing can be very effective at boosting your internet income.

So how do you do it?

1) Set up a squeeze page with opt in script for your autoresponder

2) Send traffic to your squeeze page. I highly recommend incorporating an article writing component to your web traffic strategy.

3) Create an email campaign that sends a mix of content, free gifts, and sales messages to your targeted opt in direct email list.

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